Building an open digital economy

At NFT TAG, we’re excited about a brand new type of digital good called a non-fungible token or NFT. NFTs have exciting new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, tradeable, and usable across multiple applications. NFTs are just like physical goods but they are armed with all the programmability of digital goods.

A core part of our vision is that open protocols like Ethereum and interoperable standards like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 will enable vibrant new economies. We’re building tools that allow consumers to trade their items freely, creators to launch new digital works, and developers to build rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital items. We’re proud to be the first Free of Charge marketplace for NFTs and Virtual Real Estates.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you a designer, artist, celebrity, developer, gamer, singer, or just an investor, then join the NFT market today and start selling a digital copy of what you already own.

Unlike trading cryptocurrencies, buying and selling NFT is very much respected and protected by most of the world, and creates real value to the currently available products people can trade in the real market.

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Latest News

Starting Jan 2023, you can buy and sell NFT arts, Metaverse lands, and Veveverse properties on NFT TAG Marketplace.

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